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  • Can I use my Network Railcard for tickets for travel on the London Underground?

    You cannot buy Network Railcard discounted tickets for journeys wholly on the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway. However discounted tickets bought for cross-London rail journeys which involve travel on the London Underground are permitted.

  • Can I travel with a Network Railcard discounted ticket in the evening peak?

    Yes, subject to the terms and conditions of the ticket type you have purchased for travel. 

    You can use your Network Railcard to get discounts on tickets for travel from 10:00am Mondays to Fridays and at any time on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

    Please note, the 10:00am Monday to Friday Network Railcard time restriction applies to all ticket types.

  • Why can’t the Network Railcard be used before 10:00am Monday to Friday?

    The Network Railcard is designed to promote off-peak leisure travel. This means that it encourages people to use trains outside of the busy commuting period which occurs before 10:00am Monday to Friday.

  • Is there a minimum fare?

    The minimum discounted adult fare payable is £13 on all journeys Monday to Friday. This minimum fare does not apply at weekends or on Public Holidays. 

    The minimum discounted child fare payable is £1 at all times

    The minimum fare payable for Anytime Day Travelcards is £19.10 at all times, when bought as part of your ticket to London from outside London Zones 1-9. 

    Minimum fares apply to each individual travelling, not to the total value of tickets purchased.

  • What tickets can I get a Network Railcard discount on?

    A Network Railcard gives discounts on the following tickets for travel in the Network Railcard area, subject to the appropriate minimum fare and the 10:00am Monday to Friday time restriction:

    • Anytime tickets
    • Off-Peak tickets
    • Anytime Day Travelcard (when bought as part of your ticket to London from outside London Zones 1-9)

    You can also save on inclusive train and bus 'PLUSBUS' tickets, and journeys to the Isle of Wight using Wightlink or Red Funnel (Ferries or ‘Red Jet’) services.

    Minimum fares and child supplement fares for journeys to the Isle of Wight also apply, so check for details at your local staffed station before planning your journey.

    Please note:

    • Some tickets may have conditions or restrictions that will apply, such as time restrictions for return travel from central London.
    • Not every ticket type is available for every journey that you may wish to make.
    • Minimum fares apply for all journeys Monday to Friday - see Minimum Fares section for details. 

  • Can I use my Network Railcard at any time of day?

    You can buy Network Railcard discounted tickets for travel any time on weekends and public holidays or from 10:00am Monday to Friday. You may be able to start your journey a little earlier than 10:00am, see the time restriction easements section for details or check at your local station. 

    The 10:00am Monday to Friday time restriction applies to all types of tickets. 

  • What discounts do I get?

    A Network Railcard gives you up to 1/3 off most standard adult rail fares for travel in the Network Railcard area, subject to the minimum fare

    The added benefit is that up to three adults can travel with you and they will also get up to 1/3 off their rail fare. Plus, you can take up to four children (aged 5 to 15 years) with you and save 60% on each child fare.

    For details on what tickets you can and can't get Network Railcard discounts on, see the Discounts on tickets page. 

    Please note, Network Railcard discounts are not available on Oyster pay as you go.

  • What tickets can’t I get a discount on?

     A Network Railcard will not give you discounts on Advance tickets, Season Tickets, First Class tickets, Oyster pay as you go, Eurostar tickets, special excursions or charter trains, or in conjunction with some Train Company special offers. 

    Network Railcard discounts are not always available on bus links, especially those to airports e.g. Railair Links. You cannot buy discounted tickets for journeys wholly on the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway, or Travelcards valid for more than one day. 

    If you travel outside the Network Railcard area you can only use the Network Railcard to the boundary and will have to buy full price tickets for the journey outside the area. You must purchase these tickets before you cross the boundary and the train you are travelling on must stop at the boundary station.

  • Do all passengers travelling with Network Railcard discounted tickets have to complete the same journey as the Network Railcard holder?

    Yes. All passengers taking advantage of the Network Railcard discount must travel with the Railcard holder throughout the entire journey. 

    If members of the group are only travelling one way, then they can be added to the group in order to obtain a discount but must travel with the Railcard holder for the course of the one way journey. 

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