Frequently Asked Questions?

What tickets can’t I get a discount on?

 A Network Railcard will not give you discounts on Advance tickets, Season Tickets, First Class tickets, Oyster pay as you go, Eurostar tickets, special excursions or charter trains, or in conjunction with some Train Company special offers. 

Network Railcard discounts are not always available on bus links, especially those to airports e.g. Railair Links. You cannot buy discounted tickets for journeys wholly on the London Underground and Docklands Light Railway, or Travelcards valid for more than one day. 

If you travel outside the Network Railcard area you can only use the Network Railcard to the boundary and will have to buy full price tickets for the journey outside the area. You must purchase these tickets before you cross the boundary and the train you are travelling on must stop at the boundary station.